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About All Things Shamanic

What in the world is Shamanism?


What is a Shaman Practitioner?


The answer you receive depends on who you asked?  


The Term Shaman comes from the Language of the Tungus Tribe in Siberia.  Shamans are Women and Men who are Spiritually Alive, and Who Experience Different Levels of Existence from Everyday Reality. Shamans learn to Work with the Cosmic Forces, and the Forces of Nature which are In Us and Around Us.


In Today’s Society, Shamanism has Changed as our Needs in our Environment has Changed. We No Longer have to Depend on Hunting and Gathering for Food or Doing Rain Dances.    


Shamanism Today Still Holds True, for the Shaman still Journeys for the Purpose of Helping Others, Whether it is to Retrieve Power Animals, Healing, or Soul Retrievals.  


Before We do Any Shamanic Practice, we need to Remove the Negative Thoughts and Feelings that Enter Our Heart During Our Day


This is Done through Smudging, Cleansing, Grounding, Centering, 1 Minute Ceremony.  Smudging Involves Bathing Ourselves or Our Environment in Sacred Smoke.  Cedar, Sage and Sweetgrass are Most Commonly Used.  The Idea behind Smudging is that the Green Plants of the Earth are Pure of Spirit and when We Bathe Ourselves with Their Smoke, We Take in Their Cleansing Essence.  


People seek Shamanic Healing when they are:


  • Confused about a Decision,

  • When Resistance Arises 

  • When Feeling Stuck,

  • Issues from the Past Present themselves, 

  • Depression,

  • Anxiety,  

  • The Aftermath of Accidents and Trauma,

  • Relationship Difficulties, 

  • To Achieve a Goal or Start New Projects.


The Purpose of Shamanic Healing is to Cleanse the Body, to Clear the Energy Field, to Restore Balance to the Physical Self, to Focus the Mind, and to Give the Spirit a Peaceful Home in which to Reside and Create.


Sami is the State we Seek to Attain in Shamanic Healing to Nurture those Energies of Love, Gratitude and Connection to All of Life that is Spirit.

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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