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About Vera

Vera, Shadow Wolf Heart, is a Grandmother Elder descending from a powerful Gypsy Lineage

Vera is an Ordained Minister with the Canadian Institute of Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM), performing weddings for the past 5 years.

Vera’s Healing Work combines following her  Own Inner Guidance, using her  Vision, Energy Sensitivity and Calm Intuitive Abilities to Achieve Clarity, Wholeness, and Integrity. 


For the past 40 years, Vera has been on her Healing Spiritual Path. , Shamanic Healer and a Teacher who is Committed to Sharing her Knowledge and the Experiences of her  Personal Life Transformation.


Her Biggest Transformation was a Soul Retrieval at the age of 38 and thus Began her Shamanic Path.   

Vera’s Natural Awareness and Connection to Non-Ordinary Realities enables her to Easily Access and Travers the Shamanic Realms and with the Help of her  Spiritual Allies, provide Transformational Healing for her clients.  


Vera’s Healing Practice Blends Core Shamanic Techniques such as Power Animal Journeys, Crystal Healings, Chakra Activation, Vision Quests, and Oracle Readings, and more.


Vera’s is currently furthering her studies with The Institute of Shamanic Medicine, learning new Modalities to help her clients to Achieve Deeper Soul Healings. 


Vera promotes Self-Awareness, Self-Growth and Building a Community where Individuals can come and be Supported in Their Life Journey.  


Vera also works at the Mustard Seed bringing education, hope and love to all those in need.

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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