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Clearing's Information

House Clearings also know as House Blessings or Space Clearing.  The is a Spiritual Ritual Intended to Clear Negative Energies from a Space, bringing Harmony and Light to the Dwelling and the People who Live There.


If you are Noticing Negative Energies or Feelings in your  Home, Perhaps Unexplained Tiredness, Anger, Restlessness or Just Feeling Down – it is Probably Time to do a House Blessing

House Blessings are Highly Recommended when Moving into a New Home, After a Divorce, Death or Break Up, Any of your  Life Changing Moments!


Sometimes you just Need to Remove Old or Negative Energy out of the Home


It's Like a Good Spring Cleaning!- 


By Removing Unwanted and Unintended Energy from your  Space, you Create Mental and Emotional Balance. A Mental State of Well-Being, Lightness, and Clarity.


Thus, Allowing a Home or Business to Feel Much More Peaceful and Calmer.



Bring Harmony, Peace, Joy & Light into your Home, Contact Vera!!

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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