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Ceremonies Information

Funeral Ceremonies

We can Help You in this Difficult and Painful Time as we Focus on Performing Ceremonies that Recognize and Celebrate the Life of The Loved One who has Crossed Over.


While the Particular Belief System of the Departed is Important and Needs to be Recognized in the Ceremony. Those Left Behind must Receive Solace and Compassion During a Ceremony that Recognizes Their Loss.



Birth Ceremonies


We use this Term to Refer to the Myriad of Ceremonies Around the Birth of a New Child and those Spiritual Ceremonies which Relate to a New Child.  

Whether you Want an Affirmation of Birth Ceremony, Traditional Baptismal or Entrance Ceremony into Your Spiritual Belief System. Vera is able to Accommodate and Assist you in Personalizing your Ceremony to Ensure it meets your Family's and Child's Spiritual Needs.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Importance many put on these types of Ceremonies, we Require both Parents if they are Reasonably Available prior to Preforming the Ceremony.





Divorce Ceremonies


A Divorce Ceremony (or also known as a Divorce Party) is a Way in which to Celebrate the End of a Marriage or Civil Union. Types of Ceremonies/Parties Vary Greatly, and can Involve Either One or Both Members of the Separating Couple.


Divorce Ceremonies/Parties have been called the Final Frontier in the Wedding Industry Complex, and Often Involve a Toast that Emphasizes the Couple Beginning New Chapters in their Lives. Divorce Ceremonies/Parties, that Couples Co-Host often have a Serious Tone, and are Aimed at Healing the Rifts Among Family and Friends, that Divorces May Cause.


The Idea is to Acknowledge the Good, Even as the Marriage is Ending, and to let go of the Accompanying Anguish. When a Couple Co-Hosts, they Often  Celebrate what they’ve Shared and Ask Friends and Family for Support as they Separate from Each Other.

--Prices Reflect the type of Ceremony you are having, Pricing is therefore Individual.--

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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