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Energy Healing

Crystals & Tuning Forks Information




Crystals are Used to Balance, Charge, and Discharge the Chakras and Also for Balancing your Auric Field. Vera uses 10 Single Point Quartz Crystals that are Placed on Various Points of the Body to Bring you Back into Balance and Realign your Energetic Field

If you are Not Feeling “Right”, have Low Energy, Feel Stuck, or Have a Feeling of Disconnection. A Session with The Crystals is for You.

Have you had a Serious Illness, Trauma or Shock where you are Having a Hard Time Reconnecting Again


--We can Re-Fire your Auric Field with Crystals and the Drum.--

Tuning Forks

The Tuning Forks Purpose is to Create a Vibrational Sound Energy that has a Healing Effect Upon the Body, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. The Forks Act as a Cleasning Device, Dissolving Trapped Energy in and Around the Auric Fields of the Body


Tuning Forks can Also Be Used like a Laser to Direct Energy to the Centre of a Chakra or to A Painful Area of the Body.

Fun Fact

--In the Early Days of Medicine, Doctors used a Tuning Fork to Determine If a Person had a Broken Bone – If  the Bone was Broken, the Vibration on the Break Cause Immense, Immediate Pain.--

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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