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Energy Healing

Drum Healing Information

Drum Healing


The Rim Drum is used in Body Healing and it Represents the Heart-Beat of Mother Earth.  Drums have been Used for Many Purposes over the Years for Healing, Ceremonies, Celebration, Vision Questing, and Any Trance Journey


Chaotic Drumming over the Body is Used to Break-Up Sluggish Energy.


Trance Drumming is Used for Becoming Grounded.

Heart Healing Drumming  is Great for Opening Up the Heart Space and Helps Heal the Emotions of your Heart.

Some Powerful Benefits from Experiencing a Shamanic Drumming are:

  • Reduces Stress

  • Improves Concentration

  • Makes you Feel Happier

  • Opens Up Self Acceptance

  • Slows the Aging Process

  • Beneficial to Cardio Health

  • Boosts your Overall Immune System

  • Helps to Release Negative Feelings and Emotional Trauma

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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