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Energy Conjuring Bag's Information

What are Conjuring Bags?


Conjuring or Prayer Bags Originated in West Africa, Fabric Sacks were Used to Drive Away Evil, Bring Good Luck, or Attract a Lover

Traditionally, a Conjuring Bag is a 2X3 inch, Drawstring Bag made out of Red Flannel Cloth

There are also Green Ones for Attracting Money, and White Varieties for Baby Blessings. They can be Made from Leather as well. 

Today, However many Conjuring Bags are made with Whatever Pattern, or Color that Appeals to the Individual who is Creating the Bag. 

In the Contents of The Bag you Place Special Herbs, Stones, Personal Effects, Roots, Bones, Coins, Metal Charms, Crystals, Good Luck Tokens, or Carved Stones for which your Intention is For


To be Effective they Need to be Placed On your Person & Kept Hidden. Men usually Hide them in the Pants Pocket, and Women tend to Keep them Pinned to the Inside of Their Shirt\Bra Strap.

You Should Only put an Odd Number of Items into your Bag; never Less than Three and No More than Thirteen. After the Items are Placed and Sealed into the Bag, the Whole Bag is Cleasnsed by Smudging.

In this workshop you will be guided through the process of creating your own Conjuring Bag. 

All Materials will be Provided and Included in the Cost, However, If there are Any Special Items you Would Like to Put into your Bag, Please Bring Them.

Date: Check Calendar For Dates

Time: Sunday 1 PM-4 PM

Fee: $65.00 includes GST.  Limit 10 Spots, to Reserve your Spot

Location: Calgary ( Address Provided in Registration Email Sent)

What to bring: 

  • Water Bottle

  • Snacks

  • Slippers or Warm Socks

  • List of Objects from the Registration Email

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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