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Magic Wand's Information

Magic Wands


When a Magic Wand is Properly Crafted and Enchanted it Creates an Energy Focusing Tool. When a Wand has Energy Channeled into it, The Wand will Focus the Energy into a Beam that comes Out of Its Apex.

Magic Wands are Magical Tools that have Two Main Functions.

  • A Magic Wand Transforms your Inner Intentions into A Powerful Outward Energy Charge

  • A Magic Wand can be Used in Meditations as Well as in Prayer Work to Help Influence Intentions of Healing.


Your Wand is an Extension of Yourself and, Unlike in the Films, the Results of your Magic Will Not be Instantaneous, but with Persistance, and Paitence, Results Will Transpire .

The most Difficult Part of Magic is Holding onto Focus, sometimes for a Very Long Time. It may even be Years before the Wave of Energy you cast returns to you as Accomplished Goals.


Just as Pointing with your Index Finger, brings Focused Attention to What you Mean.


By Using your Magic Wand, it brings an Intense Focus to what you are Trying to Accomplish and it Amplifies the Power of your Magic.

In this Workshop you Will be Guided through the Process of Creating your Own Magic Wand. 


All Materials are Provided and Included in the Cost, However, If you Have anything Special you would like to Attach to your Magic Wand, Please Feel Free to Bring it Along.

Date: Check Calendar​ For Dates

Time: Sunday 1 PM-4 PM

Fee: $65.00 includes GST.  Limit to 10 spots, to reserve your spot

Location: Calgary ( Address Provided in Registration Email Sent)

What to bring: 

  • Water Bottle

  • Snacks

  • Slippers or Warm Socks

  • List of Objects from the Registration Email

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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