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Energy Healing

Past Life Journey's Information

What is a Past Life Journey?


You were Born Not as a Blank Slate, but as a Soul Rich with Both the Wisdom and Scars from Many

Healing Past Lives is a Great Way to Reclaim Power, Awaken Skills, Heal Personal Lineage, Healing the Seven Generations, Heal Negative Karmic Patterns in this Lifetime and to Physically Heal in this Life when Pain, Sickness and Illness isn’t Clearing from Past Lifetimes.

Past Life Journeys also Illuminate the 8 Most Significant Lifetimes that are Impacting this Current Lifetime.

How Do Past Life Journeys Work?

While in a Light Trance, with Vera as your Guide, you Experience Each Past Life Yourself.  


You See It, Sense It, and Feel It.  You are the Central Character Deeply Involved in the Past Life Story.

Past Life Regression Journeys are a Powerful Form of Spiritual Healing.  You Encounter your Soul’s
Essence, Connecting and Aligned to a Greater Universal Energy, perhaps for the First Time in your Life.

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*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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