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Energy Healing

Power Animal Information

In Many Cultures, they Associate Animals to your  Birth Sign, or Zodiac Animal and you can Work with the Energies of these Animals.   


So what is the Difference between the Zodiac Animals and a Power Animal? 


Power Animals are what the Individual Call Upon for Assistance When they are Seeking Knowledge or Attempting to Heal. Such Animals Include Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Amphibians, and even Mythical Animals. Other terms for these are Animals Helpers and Totem Animals

One Retrieves their Power Animal through Various Methods, Dance Trance and Rattling, Drum Journeys.  The Drum Journey is the Most Common Way to Get your Power Animal and is Done by Vera, a Shamic PractionorDrumming while She Guides you on a Meditative Journey.  One Does Not Choose their Power Animal, the Animal Chooses you


It is Also Important to Have a Conscious Relationship with your Animal, and you Should Treat This Relationship with Respect.  

--The Alliance you Form with your Power Animal Isn't Random or Accidental.-- 


You Choose Each Other in Part Due to the Personality Characteristics Posessed by you and your Power Animal.


In Other Words, you Are a lot Like your Power Animal



*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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