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Soul Retrieval Information

What is a Soul Retrival?


A Soul Retrieval is a Powerful Spiritual Practice that Heals Soul Loss

What is Soul Loss?

Soul Loss is a Spiritual Illness that Causes Emotional and Physical Disease.  Soul Loss is a Direct Result of Trauma such as Incest; Any Abuse; Loss of a Loved One; Surgery; Accidents; Illness; Miscarriage; Abortion; PTSD; or Addiction.

A Person Involved in Any of the Above Situations may be Aware of Being Locked into Destructive Patterns, yet, Feel too Weak and Powerless to Break Free.

Effects After a Soul Retrieval – People Report that they Feel, “More Alive & More Present”. 


Some Say that they Now Understand Why they went Down the Path they Took

(eg. Becoming an Addict to Cover the Emotional Pain of Sexual Abuse). 

Sometimes After a Soul Retrieval, People can become Giddy, Burst into Tears, or Just Feel Totally Peaceful


Some Feel Nothing Right Away, but Later on, Maybe a Few Days or Weeks, a Weight Feels Lifted, and Tears May Come


--Always remember tears are healing.--

As a Shamanic HealerVera is there to Guide and Support you During your Soul Retrieval and Will Teach you the Tools that Helps with your Healing.

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*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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