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Energy Healing

Thought Form Recapitulation Information

Do you Every Wonder Why Certain Events Keep Reoccurring in your Life? 

Perhaps you’ve Even Recognized that Having a Certain Kind of Thought Always brings you Back to an Unresolved Moment in your Life.


Recapitulation is an Ancient Toltec Technique to “Erase your Personal History.”

--Recapitulation is the Process of Reclaiming your Energy from Past Events and Interactions.-- 

When you Think about Something from your  Past, and There is Still a Strong Emotional Feeling, there is a Good Chance you Still have Some of your Energy tied Up with the Event.  The Process of Recapitulation is to Release this Type of Energy by Freeing It From your Memory.  

Though Breathing Work to Release the Negative Emotions you Begin to Feel Energetically Lighter and Freer.  Finishing Off with Self-Forgiveness, Karmic Tie Cutting and Then Self Love.

Once the Recapitulation of Particular Events or A Time Period is Completed, there would be No Reason to Recall, Review or Dwell on Those Memories Again.  


--The Memory may be Forgotten Completely, or If Remembered, Now it is Insignificant.--

*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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