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Vision Quest's Information

What is a Vision Quest?


In Ancient Cultures Vision Quests were Used as Doorways to Enter Spiritual Realms

A Vision Quest could Take Form as A Retreat into Nature or A Pilgrimage. Through these Inner Journeys, your Sacred Visions are Revealed to you about your Personal Direction and Life Purpose


A Vision Quest can be for 1 day, 3 days, or Even Longer!! 

Going on A Quest is a Powerful way to Reclaim a Sense of Wonder and Connection to Mother Earth.   

The benefits of a Quest are numerous. It can help you to: 

  • Discover Who you Are

  • Define your Life Goals

  • Find your Purpose

  • Gain Clarity and Power of Self

  • Connect to The Creator

  • Find your Power Name

  • Overcome Fears and Self-Imposed Limitations

  • Heal Abuse, Grief, Anger Issues and Relationship Issues

What does one do During the Vision Quest? 


Once your Circle is Set up There is not Much More to do is to Just Sit and Be. Surrendering to the Stillness, Watching, Listening and Feeling.  Bein Present in the Moment without Judgement or Expectations.

Going on A Quest is a Heroic Step in your Healing Journey.

Date: Check Calendar​ For Dates

Time: Friday Evening 6 pm to Sunday 4pm

Fee: $195.00 includes GST.  Prepaid & Limited Space, to Reserve your Spot,

Location: Calgary ( Address Provided in Registration Email Sent)

What to bring: 

  • List of Objects from the Registration Email

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*Empower * Encourage * Enlighten*
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